Binary Options Brokers

To trade binary options you need a good binary options broker like Trade Rush or Option Bit. There are a number of brokers around all offering their own trading platforms that vary to one extent or the other. Far and away the most important element is the platform itself. It should be simple and easy to use and give you a good overview of your trade. One of the attractions of binary options trading is the fact that it is very simple to understand.

First You select an asset that you want to trade. Second you make a call option if you predict it will rise above the current rate or a put option if you believe it will fall below the current rate at the time of expiration. And thirdly enter the amount you want to invest. Trade Rush and Option Bit make this very easy to do and you will soon have your first trade underway. What has given rise to the rapid growth of binary option trading is the quick turnaround and managed risk together with the sheer simplicity of making a trade. Both these companies make it possible for you to begin trading with no previous training or experience.

Both Trade Rush and Option Bit offer a wide range of assets to trade from stocks and commodities to currencies and indices. This allows flexibility to trade in those assets you may be more familiar with or have had previous experience with.

These two binary options brokers are leaders and innovators in the market as well as having a reputation for fast payouts. You may click the banners below to visit their websites to get more information and sign up for an account.

CherryTrade Review – Perfect Broker or Scam?

CherryTrade was introduced back in 2013, while this may mean they lack experience, I tend to disagree. CherryTrade has gained an enormous spike in reliability and trustworthiness from thousands of their clients. Having a really well designed and easy to use platform that attracts not only fresh traders but those with more experience as well. They surpassed many other older brokerages with more experience, so just because they’re young, doesn’t mean they’re not trustworthy or scam. Read our CherryTrade review for more information.

CherryTrade Review

CherryTrade’s team consists of well experienced and reliable ex traders, that have worked in various financial sectors around the globe, we believe the reason for CherryTrade’s success is the combination of an amazing team and a great educational library, that gave them a step ahead of other brokerages. They still have a long way to go but their step is swift.

Trading and Assets

The platform itself is very well designed, you will notice that as soon as you sign up, extremely easy to use by pretty much anyone, whether you’re a new trader or an experienced one. In no time you will be enjoying the full package and many features they offer.

They recently introduced a new feature called Ladder Options, which is a certain type of trading binary options, in short, it consists of 5 predetermined strike prices and the earnings go as high as 1500% in an extremely short time – thirty minutes. There are of course longer term options where you can trade on a yearly basis. We recommend the most popular 60 second trading that is great for fresh traders and those with not a lot of time, yet good profits can be made.

CherryTrade has a list of over a hundred assets, most of assets you will need are there, commodities, indices, Forex etc. They also have 4 financial markets.

CherryTrade Demo Account

CherryTrade takes pride in having a great system for both fresh trades and experienced ones. The most basic account they offer insists on a $200 minimum deposit, with this account type you’re given access to the large video learning library and a downloadable free of charge eBook.

Followed by a Professional account which will grant you access to your personal account manager, auto signaling, risk free trading that are useful for fresh traders and last but not least, CherryTrade’s one on one coaching sessions which will easily teach you how to make the most out of your money. For corporations they are offering custom made accounts.

Extra Bonuses

As usual, CherryTrade offers deposit bonuses as well, for basic accounts the welcoming deposit bonus is 20%, that number goes up to 50% for professional accounts and the largest one being 100% for VIP accounts. There are custom bonuses for the corporate accounts too, you will have to contact them to assign you a bonus as it’s completely custom.

Mobile Support

Another great feature, CherryTrade has developed free of charge applications for Android phones and they’re currently developing the one for iOS, this way you can enjoy all the benefits from the original website on your phones, on the go wherever you are, all you need is an internet connection, stay updated at all times.

Educational Library

CherryTrade has an extensive Academy created solely to teach their traders how to actually turn their money into profit, as we both traders and the brokerage benefit from it. Full length videos, a lot of free guides, downloadable eBook that both fresh and experienced traders will definitely learn from, you can never know enough, knowledge is the power, use their library to maximize your profits. They worked hard to make it for you, don’t throw it away.

Customer Support

Their customer support is one of the best I’ve seen. The response times are amazing, I used it twice and the response was within 24 hours, no matter how silly your problem might be, don’t hesitate and use the support, they’re reachable via phones, Skype or e-mail. Many ways to contact them, pick the one that suits you the most.

CherryTrade Review Result

While CherryTrade isn’t the oldest brokerage around, we’ve worked with them and we’re definitely encouraging you to go with it, they’re not scam and they won’t become one. Well designed platform, fast trades, over a hundred assets available to you, many different trading types, three account levels including the corporate one. 20% – 100% sign up bonuses and the full mobile support.

Magnum Options Review – Big Profit or Scam?

Magnum Options is a fresh trading options brokerage that has opened it’s doors back in 2013. In these 3 years their growth was immense, from a no name to a reputable binary trading options company. They owe their success to their innovative approach to trading, read our Magnum Options review to find out more.

Magnum Options Review

Magnum Options is one of the rare brokerages that feature many valuable perks that the other brokerages don’t, which is why I like them so much. For instance, free accounts, you can sign up and use the free or so called demo account to test the platform and trading, pretty neat. Don’t think it’s a scam, they just want you to test it all and see for yourself why they are good, they realize that after you see for yourself what they can offer you that you will soon make a paid account.

Second one is good for fresh traders but basically for anyone, on any bad trades you made you will get a 10% refund just so you don’t lose all your money.

Very high transparency of the platform is another perk, no additional fees or charging, no frauds, you’re aware at all times in whose hands your money is going and how much is the possible profit, they are making you completely secure and informed so you can make right decisions.

Trading and Assets

Every binary trading option should have a high number of assets to offer to their clients, Magnum Options offers that. It’s large list of assets includes commodities, all kinds of currencies, stocks, indices, Forex. Pretty much everything you’ll ever need. They want you to have access to any asset you can do well with in order to actually make profits.

On top of a large list of assets, there are various ways of trading you can give a shot. The most popular 60 second trades for instance, 30 second trades, Call/Put, One Touch and many more. Tailor your own assets and trading options for maximum profit.

Binary Options Strategy

Magnum Options did not save resources on education, believe me on that. One of the most advanced libraries is secured free of charge to educate you and prepare for serious trading. Whether you’re a fresh trader, intermediate or veteran, there is literature for you, you can never learn enough remember that, knowledge is power. Fresh traders will probably learn the most from introduction courses which will provide a base on how to start trading, fundamental information and analysis. There is more literature for intermediate and veteran traders such as downloadable eBooks, webinars, videos and even one on one coaching sessions by ex traders with years of experience in this business.

Customer Support

Another top notch service by Magnum Options, their ex-traders customer support team is available 24/7 in order to assist you with any problems you might run into, no matter how trivial they are. Their response times are incredibly swift, up to 24 hours in our experience, of course they want to solve your problems as soon as possible so you do not miss any trading opportunities, both client and Magnum Option benefit from successful trades. You can reach them via most options, such as phone, e-mail, Skype or Live Chat, whatever suits you the most. There are some free of charge numbers in couple of major countries like USA, Canada and UK, feel free to pick up your phone and call them!

Magnum Options Review Conclusion

Considering their young age, only 3 years, I have my full trust and I believe they’re completely honest and scam free, they keep growing year by year and nothing can stop them. They offer many perks that the clients gladly enjoy. High transparency is what matters when dealing with money and that is what I like the most. Large list of available assets and trading options is another plus. Vast educational library for all kinds of traders is available free of charge and for any problems that might occur, their customer support is ready to assist any time of the day or night. So yes, if you’re looking for a reliable brokerage, Magnum Options is a great choice. I wish you all the luck.

ETX Capital Review – Opportunity or Scam?

ETXBinary is the latest service launched by ETX Capital, a well known and highly respected financial firm that has been in the business for over 10 years now. They specialize in spread betting and CFD market. Their physical address is at the London’s financial district. ETX Capital has been regulated and approved by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority for years now. They’ve been expanding a lot these last few years which they show by translating their main website to 17 different languages, read our review to see why is ETX Capital a money making broker that allows quick withdrawal and payout and a company far from being a scam.

ETXCapital Review

ETX Capital has a list of over 6,000 various markets available to it’s traders, such as indices, stock options, Forex, commodities and many more. Right now ETX Binary platform has over 100 various options at their disposal. Traders have different binary trading options or pairs available to trade with in this highly advanced and attractive platform, if you for some reason dislike the platform’s look you can easily change the layout by yourself.

Another Tool they developed is called The Trader Choice tool, it allows you to check how are other ETX traders developing in regard to the place in question. On top of that there is a tool called Profit Calculator Tool that enables traders to calculate all their potential earnings based on the magnitude of their trade!

ETX offers trading options for traders with less patience, so called fast paced trades but also those who seek a more long term commitment, options vary from 60 seconds up to as high as 1 month.

ETX Capital Platform

ETX Capital has four various platforms at their disposal, they are called ETC Trader followed by an ETX TraderPro, ETX Binary and ETC MT4. ETX Binary is the latest in their arsenal of options, it has a clear, smooth and attractive layout with user friendly tools, it is slowly becoming the most used platform due to it’s design and versatility.

ETXCapital Demo Account

You’re able to use the demo account in order to check their platform and see how it works before actually dedicating yourself and investing any kind of money. Other than that, ETX does not use various types of accounts, their belief is that all members who invested money should have equal benefits, we do not see much of this around and it is certainly interesting.


Traders are able to invest their money via bank transfers, Credit cards in their own name or a payment processor called Skrill. Everything you need to know about depositing money to ETX is written soundly in their website and each platform.

ETXCapital Bonuses

ETX Capital is offering a pretty decent first investment bonus, all traders are legible to receive up to 50% of their initial deposit, some other brokerages offer as high as 100% but they are often scam. the maximum you can deposit in order to qualify for the bonus is £5,000. For everything higher you should definitely contact their team and they may make a custom tailored bonus just for you in order to get the best bang for your buck.

There is also a referral program with various commission deals that they offer to their traders who recruit people, including a particular binary commission plan. Get in touch with ETX Affiliates team for more information and don’t forget to mention a demo account to your referrals.

Mobile Support

We all know mobile platforms are the future, more and more people stop using computers and handle everything via phones and tablets. ETX realizes that so they directed their resources into app development and it turned out great. Free of charge apps are available for iPhone, iPad and all Android devices. You have all the original website’s functions right there on your mobile device, on the go, all you need is a working internet connection and you’re good to go.

Educational Library

Every binary platform should have their traders’ education as a primary goal. Traders who fail at trading will often leave the business or even worse leave negative reviews about the platform. No one wants that, therefore ETX invested resources into making a comprehensive educational library that is accessible to all their traders. Every trader can benefit from this information, especially fresh traders, but those seasoned ones can also learn some new strategies in order to maximize their profits. ETX offers various binary trading webinars and seminars, a full range in-depth trading course with sessions once a month with a personal coach. A course like that would usually cost around £1,000 on the market, but ETX gives it for free to their traders, use it. They also make daily and weekly financial updates that are accessible both video and written form, depending how you like your information better, also free of charge. Knowledge is power, learn and educate yourself for maximum profits.

User Support

Every platform needs a well trained and experienced customer support team in order to keep everything running smooth and traders happy. They need to be accessible 24/7 or bad review are coming up by traders such as scam accusations and more. ETX’s customer support team consists of only highly seasoned traders and ex traders that are well familiar with the platform and the business itself. They can offer support in fifteen different languages, they are accessible via Live Chat, Phone, E-mail. Do not hesitate to contact their support regardless how big your issue is, or small for that matter. They will reply in shortest time possible and fix your problem.


ETX Capital focuses a lot in protecting their client’s privacy and assets. Like I said they are FCA regulated which means they are obliged to produce daily calculations that prove their liquidity and worth of their assets in order to be able to accept trader’s withdrawal and payout requests. No scam allowed.

They are also obliged to keep the company money and traders’ money separated. The client money is kept in the safe German and UK banks. They participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which basically means that if in any case platform goes bankrupt, all clients will receive compensation as high as £50,000. Your money is safe with ETX.

Not many other brokerages offer this kind of security for their clients.

ETXCapital Review Result

A company that is government regulated is a highly advanced company definitely worth giving a shot. They invest a lot in daily development hence why their platform is quite advanced compared to other brokerages. Various trading options and assets are there for you. Demo account plus only one account type for everyone guarantees equality and fair play. Deposits are available via banks, credit cards and Skrill. Bonuses go as high as 50%. Mobile support is advanced and fully accessible free of charge. A vast educational library guarantees you informed decision making skills in no time, do not waste money. Swift and trained customer support that answers within hours in 15 different languages. High security levels and refund in case of company bankruptcy is also a great sign of trust.

I personally believe ETX is a great choice simply because of high regulation by financial institutions and high security standards. I wish you luck in your future tradings and endeavors.

TradeRush Review – Promising Profits or Scam Alert?

TradeRush is not a new player in the business, they have been in the game since 2011. They swiftly reached high-levels of binary trading with a more simplistic approach to trading – they focused their work into areas that count while making the unnecessary parts more simple and user-friendly. Basically they strive to eliminate all unimportant things from trading and aim their efforts in things traders look for. With years of experience, TradeRush are known for listening to their client base, all feedback is important and they realize that very well, which can be seen from various improvements to their platform over the years.

TradeRush Review

Some naysayers and critics weren’t too happy with a payout rate of only 81%, which is somewhat lower than those by rival brokers. Or so what they only promise but not deliver. The difference between TradeRush and rivals is that TradeRush manages to actually deliver the 81% a lot more often, which isn’t often seen with brokers who promise for instance 95%. The lower but honest payout rate is a clear sign of honesty and trustworthiness of this platform, full transparency.

The number of assets TradeRush offers goes over 150, a quite large number indeed. It offers all major assets, Forex currency pairs, indices and commodities. If the number doesn’t satisfy you, you can always suggest more assets and we believe they will take your suggestion in consideration.

The Actual Platform

When it comes to binary option trading platforms, TradeRush is definitely in a tier of its own. What they have built right now is years worth work and improving, a clear example of where experience gets you. Quite easy to use, yet advanced enough with various traits. Multiple trading choices are present, such as the most used 60 second trades, basic Call/Put trades, Options Builder and the advanced Option Pro and One Touch Trades. But what surprised us the most is how brilliantly it’s designed, it’s extremely attractive to fresh traders AND the more experienced ones, you will definitely find no problems going through the platform or navigating it.

TradeRush Demo Account

Fresh traders are able to start with the basic account called Mini Account, it’s minimum deposit is $250, despite being basic account it grants you access to pretty much all the perks of TradeRush. Mini Account is followed by the Standard Account with a minimum investment of $500, a level higher is called the Executive with a minimum of $1,000, Gold with a minimum of $5,000 and the highest one being Platinum with a minimum of $10,000. Features and perks will depend on the account level ofcourse, but all accounts give you a particular set of bonuses.

Bonus on deposits

If you decide to go with the lowest level, Mini Account, you will be granted a 20% bonus on your first investment, not too shabby. All higher accounts will give you higher bonuses, with Platinum going up to 75%.

Take in consideration that they are currently offering a promotion where they will give you 100% bonus if you register, great!

Mobile Support

Not many broker companies offer full Android and iOS support, they developed apps for both major systems and they are ofcourse completely free. This way you can check and trade on the go, wherever you are and have access to an internet connection. The app itself is also A+. All features supported on the standard website are accessible from the mobile app too. No additional cost.

TradeRush Academy

TradeRush offers a large archive of learning material, they actually wrote a book about responsible binary options trading. Not many rival companies will allow you access to such amount of literature and information that can help you learn and get familiar with binary trading options. Varying from video tutorials, eBooks all the way up to comprehensive guides made specially for TradeRush clients, allowing them to learn how to become a big player in this business. It’s just another sign that shows how dedicated and committed TradeRush is, it shows that they care about their clients. If all these resources don’t satisfy you, they organise webinars on a daily basis!

Customer Support

Customer Support team formed by actual binary options traders is an amazing thing, meaning their knowledge about the business is extensive and they will be able to help you with pretty much any problem you might have. Response times are swift, forget about the week old tickets where the answer you got didn’t even solve your problem. 24/7 support is what TradeRush offers, no matter how trivial your inquiry might be. If you prefer phone support, there are various local numbers for several countries and about a dozen different languages available. Again, high level service.

TradeRush Review Result

I hope that this review has shown you that TradeRush is nowhere near the dirty scam area, years of experience and advanced technology speak for themselves, we can highly recommend TradeRush as a legit and stable broker, good luck.